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Hidden Magic of the Universe: How One Man Woke Up His Spirit

Is spiritual awakening possible for everyone?

How does our spirituality relate to mystical experiences and near-death experiences (NDEs)? What can we do right now to wake up to our true selves and be happier?

Ten years ago, Ken Bell had a breathtaking spiritual awakening in a parking lot. This spiritually transformative experience (STE) was the culmination of years of tragedies that had left him hopeless and suicidal. Through a series of amazing coincidences, one critical message showed him the hidden magic of the universe. He woke up.

In this revealing episode, he shares his dramatic story, plus what he’s learned about how we can get unstuck, release pain, and wake up to higher consciousness.

As a lead-in to this podcast episode, I’d like to share my coincidence story called “Celebrating My Book Launch”:

I’d been wanting to have a launch party for my new book here in Charlottesville. So, from a series of coincidences, a party took place where an attendee told me a coincidence story of her own. She was having lunch with others in a park when a guy she didn’t know came over. He had found a wallet and phone, and asked if he should turn them over to the police. He mentioned that the owner lived in Afton, where the woman telling the story also happened to live. She asked to look at the wallet to see if she knew the person. She did. They lived on the same road. She contacted the man’s wife and arranged to bring the lost items by. On her way, she stopped at the bank, where she was delayed due to computer glitches. This placed her arrival at the house at the same as the man who’d lost the items. They chatted as she handed him his phone and wallet. He was, as you might imagine, ecstatic. He called it a miracle. He’d been desperately trying to figure out where he’d left the items. He and the woman were both amazed and in awe at the coincidence of someone finding the items and the two of them living on the same road. Then the woman told him that that evening she was going to a launch party for a coincidence book. The man then said, “Bernie’s?” That was the fun part of it. I know the mad who’d lost the items. He had an office in the same building where I once had my psychiatric practice. A coincidence about a coincidence! And this story was told at a party for my book, which this man knew I had published.

Amazing coincidences also seem to play a part in spirituality and consciousness, as we discuss on this week’s podcast.

My guest this week is Ken Bell, a marketing executive, designer, and writer. As a professional communicator for 30 years, he’s created everything from church newsletters to startup brands to national ad campaigns seen by millions. A New Mexico native, he thrives in the desert and mountains, yet manages to survive in an urban setting (for now).

He writes on topics of personal growth, relationships, and spirituality on his blog, When he’s not writing, you’ll find him parenting, listening to audiobooks, or climbing Colorado mountains. He lives with his wife, two daughters, and stepson in Dallas, Texas.

Watch the podcast now:

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