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How to Manage Telepathy with Loved Ones

Linking Minds and DNA, with Meradeth Houston

Old DNA resonates with living DNA! Anthropology professor and author Meradeth Houston was amazed when a man recognized his own DNA in the bones of his ancestors. How did that happen?

On this week’s podcast, Meredeth waxes eloquent about managing interpersonal telepathy — how to use it (audio only?), the need to manage your own negative thoughts (otherwise the other person will be negatively affected), the importance of mind boundaries (screening what the other person need not know).

The future is now! Our cell phones mirror our own latent capacities.

Meet Meradeth now on the Connecting with Coincidence podcast:

Meradeth Houston is an author lives in Montana where she’s also an anthropology professor and scientist. She specializes in degraded DNA (translation: really old DNA that’s decayed), and runs two laboratories filled with students, interns, and maybe a few shenanigans.

Stories are Meradeth’s passion, and she can’t live without them. She’s especially attracted to tweaks to the real world — a little magic, a little extra boost to science that already exists, a little something beyond our day-to-day reality. Her stories integrate these themes and female heroines who know how to get the job done. Check out her books here.

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Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash

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Apr 02

I wouldn't rule out seeing through another pair of eyes, even non-human ... but I liked Meradeth's point. I remembered the verse drama by Robert Browning: 'Pippa Passes' ... interesting little story on Wiki I see.

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