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Synchronicities Reveal Tunnels Between Minds

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Incredible interpersonal connections point us toward a new reality.

Three coincidence stories paint a picture of a tunnels between minds.

Bombers Together

Conversations about coincidences can stir up coincidences. This theme is illustrated by my radio show about coincidences.

Eben Alexander, MD (Source: Eben Alexander)

The day before Eben Alexander was to talk with me about his new book, I read a coincidence story involving B-17 and B-24 Bombers. The author Frank Joseph had been writing about these bombers from WWII when he felt the need for sunshine and a breath of fresh air. He heard a strange, deep droning coming from up in the sky. First a B-17 and then a B-24. How did that happen? It was Spring 2001. Four hours later, I received a coincidence story from Eben Alexander. While living near Boston, he was clearing out the attic. He suddenly remembered he had a radio-controlled model B2 bomber but had not seen it in 2 years. He felt compelled to look for it. After not finding it in the attic, he ran down to the garage, didn't see it. He then went out to the driveway and looked up. He saw a real B2 bomber flying right over the house at a fairly low altitude. This is the only time in his life he had ever seen one in flight. It was the Spring of 2001. Two very similar bomber stories within a few hours of each other? How does that happen?

This is evidence of a temporary connection between Eben and me in preparation for our interview. We had to reschedule twice because of various broadcast problems. We were reaching out to each other emotionally creating temporary tunnels between our minds.

A Fish Story

Karen Newell joined Eben in our conversation. She told us a fish synchronicity.

One morning Karen woke up, recalling a dream about one of their koi fish. They named him Buster (yes, they named all 18 of them), who was lying on the ground dead. Two other fish had recently gone missing but they hadn't yet figured out the predator. She quickly put the dream image out of her mind, figuring it was due to anxiety over their safety. Later that day, she walked out to the pond and suddenly remembered the dream clearly and vividly. This prompted her and Eben to look in the pond for Buster. He wasn't there. He was never found. Using a security camera, they discovered that a blue heron was the culprit. Now a net covers the pond. They have lost no fish since then. Karen had a strong connection to Buster. She thought that maybe he was signaling her about his death so they could prevent the other fish from the same fate. A mind tunnel between Buster and Karen could explain this synchronicity.

Thinking together

Eben and Karen have a close relationship.

While in the final stages of editing their co-authored book, Living in a Mindful Universe, Karen was out on their porch watching the dogs in the yard, mulling over different sections of the book. One particular set of two sentences that had been bothering her came to mind. She then saw a way to make the writing smoother. At this point, she went into the house to make the edits. Eben was at his desk going through the manuscript. She looked over his shoulder. He was viewing the exact paragraph containing the sentences she wanted to change! He then made her suggested edits. Eben and Karen do many things together beyond meditation and book writing. They have built a strong mental connection between them. Each was putting extra energy into their collaboration just as they do in other ways. An enduring mind tunnel has been constructed.

To hear Eben and Karen talk about these experiences and the nature of Consciousness please click here.

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