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Discover the Meaning of Synchronicities in Your Own Unconscious

How to uncover the hidden meanings of coincidences to empower your future, with Dr. Gibbs Williams.

Does meaning exist independently? Psychoanalyst Gibbs Williams believes that synchronicity empowers us to delve deeply into our own unconscious to uncover their psychological meaning.

The fruits of synchronicity exploration are immensely increased by reviewing your diaries over time to clarify your natural drive for personal evolution. You’ll uncover patterns to help build your future dreams!

Meet Gibbs now on the Connecting with Coincidence podcast:

Gibbs Williams, PhD, is a licensed psychoanalyst practicing in New York City for over fifty years. He majored in philosophy at Columbia University. He has been investigating the perplexities of synchronicities for the last fifty years resulting in an original non-Jungian, non-mystical/magical theory of the nature and uses of synchronicities.

Gibbs has many diverse interests including speculative philosophy, depth psychology, the esoteric occult, spirituality, and scientific method aiming at rationally explaining the mysteries and challenges presented by the data associated with meaningful coincidences (synchronicities).

And be sure to explore our other coincidence podcasts and synchronicity podcasts on our website…


Photo by Keegan Houser on Unsplash

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