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Our Vision

Illuminating the invisible currents that connect and unify us

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate the public about meaningful coincidences and to encourage people to share their stories of meaningful coincidences, serendipity and synchronicity, in order to inspire a leap forward in the evolution of human self-awareness: individually, interpersonally and collectively.


We will accomplish this mission through research and hosting retreats, seminars, and discussion groups both online and in person.

Coincidence Ambassadors


To enhance interpersonal and ecological compassion through connections discovered in worldwide coincidence storytelling and the understanding to be found in them.

To promote people who are passionate about representing meaningful coincidences, the Coincidence Ambassadors.

To educate people about the wide-ranging helpfulness of synchronicity and serendipity in human experience.

To create the Coincidence Research Group to study patterns in coincidence stories.

To define an ethics of coincidence functions.

To gather global experts to expand collective understanding of meaningful coincidences.

To rely on synchronicity and serendipity to guide and accelerate the progress of these missions.



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