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Academic Career

Who Is Bernard Beitman, MD?

Bernie graduated from Mount Pleasant High School in Wilmington, Delaware in 1960 at #5 Grade Point Average. He majored in Chemistry at Swarthmore College and was one of two outstanding pre-medical students. He attended Yale Medical School graduating in 1964. He did his one-year general medicine internship at Mount Zion Medical Center in San Francisco and then completed the three-year psychiatric residency at Stanford in 1974 after working in the U.S Public Health Service Hospital in San Francisco from 1971-1973 as the hospital’s psychiatrist. He then joined the faculty of the department of psychiatry at the University of Washington in Seattle. After ten years there he was denied tenure and then joined the faculty at the University of Missouri-Columbia, where he became a world leader in the study of chest pain and panic disorder which led to his becoming chair of the psychiatry department. (A door closes, and a big window opens.) Building on his book The Structure of Individual Psychotherapy, he created the book Learning Psychotherapy which was taught to half the psychiatric residency training programs in the United States. In 2006 he started formal research into coincidences and then, in 2009, moved to Charlottesville, Virginia, to join the Division of Perceptual Studies of the University of Virginia, which supported his coincidence work as a non-paid faculty member. As a “recovering academic,” he led the development of The Coincidence Project. 

Research & Publications: Explore Dr. Beitman’s life work in psychiatry and coincidence

Cosmic Clues: Dr. Beitman’s work described in the Swarthmore College Alumni Bulletin, 2022

Athletic Career

Bernie loved running with the football in the open field, His deep enjoyment came less from making the score and much more from running free. 

He also loved laying down bunts in baseball and sprinting to first base. He won the batting title as a junior in high school by converting 7 bunts out of 17 hits into singles. In college, he loved stealing bases. 

 -  Athletic Coincidences  -

 “I often imagined running the opening kickoff back for a touchdown. Showing how visualizing helps things to happen.” 


A touchdown aided by precognition through action.

“The pattern of the run resembled the Hebrew letter lamed

which often refers to “leader.”


Elementary School

  • President of Student Council

High School

  • Co-president of Student Council

  • Captain of Baseball Team

  • Highest batting average in conference

Swarthmore College

  • Captain of Baseball team, 

  • 4th in the nation for small college base stealing

  • Co-captain of football team

  • President of the Senior Class

Mt Zion Internship

  • President of the Interns Group

University of Washington

  • Director of Psychiatric Medication Clinic

  • Coordinator of Psychotherapy Training

University of Missouri-Columbia

  • Chair of Psychiatry

  • Chair of the Clinical Chairs group

Charlottesville, Virginia

  • Founder and President of The Coincidence Project

Bernie Backyard as tree_CC.jpg


High School

  • Scholar-Athlete Award

  • All-Conference in Football and twice in Baseball

  • Delaware All-Star football team

Swarthmore College

  • All-Division Football team

University of Missouri-Columbia

  • Association for Academic Psychiatry Education Award, 1999

  • The American College of Psychiatrists Award for Creativity in Psychiatric Education, 2001

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"The fabric of life is woven with coincidences that unite and delight us in our search for meaning. Dr. Beitman’s curiosity, storytelling, and extensive research in this comprehensive text provide illuminating clues to help us discover and decipher the invisible threads that connect us all."

Christa Pusateri, founder of Future Advisory Board

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