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Accelerating Your Ascension: NDE, Soul Walk-In, and Higher Consciousness

How to change others as you change yourself, with Ken Lloyd.

Ken Lloyd’s vibe is amazingly wonderful to experience! His NDE opened his psyche to 13 aspects of his entire soul, encouraging him to accelerate the ascension of humanity into higher realms. Spirits entered Ken for the experience of being on Earth so that they too may continue their own ascensions.

Ken now helps people heal by removing traumatic energies from the body. He teaches releasing your body to heal itself.

Meet Ken now on the Connecting with Coincidence podcast:

Ken Lloyd is a Soul Infusion Walk-In with 13 soul aspects, his higher-self and aspects of his oversoul merged into a single consciousness in his physical body. Learn more about him at:

  • Facebook: @KenLloyd.AcceleratedAscension

  • Instagram: @KenLloyd.Official

  • YouTube: @KenLloyd.Official

And be sure to explore our other coincidence podcasts and synchronicity podcasts on our website…

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