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Are You Ready to Be a Medium?

Updated: Feb 29

Explore the power of the Psychosphere, with Mariam J. Saleh

Mariam J. Saleh accidentally stumbled into the Psychosphere, that wide consciousness that connects and nurtures us. As a once-overworked lawyer, she recognizes the mental matrix in which society embeds us.

Mariam is a fully developing psychic who communicates with the deceased, makes probability estimates of the future, and can read energy signatures. Listen to this podcast, and she will inspire you to develop these capacities yourself!

Meet Mariam now on the Connecting with Coincidence podcast:

Mariam J. Saleh’s current legal research and advocacy work is centered on the intersection of Spiritual Emergency, ethics, and law. She currently serves as General Counsel for Emergence Benefactors, a nonprofit organization developed to primarily support the researchers of the Emergent Phenomenology Research Consortium.

She is also the founder of Sound in Color, a media company designed for storytelling about both difficult and beautiful experiences along the contemplative path. She can be reached at

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