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Astrology as a Tool for Understanding Ourselves

Unlocking self-discovery and cosmic connections through coincidences.

In this week’s Connecting with Coincidence podcast, physician Christine Page beautifully describes astrological basics and articulates Mayan principles describing the world inflection point that occurred in 2012. Learn about the character of each of the planets in our solar system and how they reflect who you are.

As frequent listeners know, as a lead-in to each podcast episode I like to tell a coincidence story of my own. Here’s one of my favorites:

My next book is a compilation of my life coincidence stories. While editing it, I started to notice patterns. One of them I called “swinging from vine to vine in the coincidence jungle.” This means that I grab a vine then swing into unknown space, trusting there will be another vine to grab to go onto at the next tree. A few days after this pattern had become yet clearer, one of our donors to The Coincidence Project told me that she thinks of her life as swinging on the monkey bars in children’s playgrounds. I used to use this same analogy but then expanded it to the vine in coincidence jungle of the playground of our reality. I’d never heard that someone else recognized this pattern in their coincidences. I’m glad she and I have a basic synchronicity pattern in common.

My podcast guest this week is Dr. Christine Page. Known as a mystical physician, she has been a pioneer in the field of healthcare for over 40 years, working in particular with women.

As an author, gifted intuitive, astrologer and international speaker, Christine sees herself as a bridge builder, whether between different modalities of wellbeing or states of consciousness. She is the author of nine books including Frontiers of Health and her latest, The Heart of the Great Mother.

Learn more about Dr. Christine Page here:

Watch the podcast now:

And be sure to check out our full list of podcasts here…

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