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Coincidence Awareness is a Path for Spiritual Development

Investigating coincidences opens a path to higher consciousness.

We humans yearn to be part of something greater. In our hearts we know we are, but we may not know how to get there.

Many methods have been devised to lift our minds out of usual sensory reality into another sphere of experience. These methods include meditation in its many forms, psychedelics, fasting, group rituals, vision quests, near death experiences and yoga. Many believe that yoga is simply postures and exercises to help strengthen the body and promote physical health. There are many other types of Yoga each with the ultimate purpose of spiritual development.

The path of knowledge, Jnana Yoga, encourages the cultivation of wisdom. Wisdom comes from understanding spiritual truths, such as the nature of our souls and the functioning of Creation. With intuitive understanding of reality, one is better equipped to practice all paths to liberation. The path of action, Karma Yoga encourages the renunciation of the fruits of one’s action. It inspires us to live in the present moment. We are responsible for the intention and the action, not the result.

The path of the mind, Raja Yoga, encourages meditation and Self-control.

The path of love, Bhakti Yoga, focuses on love and devotion. Curiosity about meaningful coincidences offers yet another path. Perhaps a modern approach to spiritual development can have some potential benefits over the older spiritual technologies. In this age of technology, coincidence awareness technologies are all in your mind.

Coincidence awareness emerges though its spontaneous appearance in everyday life. Rather than removing you from the events of daily life, coincidence awareness immerses you more deeply into your current life and then beyond. Many coincidences evoke the desire for explanations. How did you contribute to its existence? Analysis of the very low probability coincidences can take you to higher consciousness.

Many coincidences seem to urge you to take their implied suggestions. How do you decide what is best for you and those who are affected by your decision? Discrimination between the trickster and your spiritual guides can be learned by the outcome of your choices. Keep a coincidence diary. Talk with friends about them. Expand your mind.

The Challenge of becoming spiritually awakened

You return to regular reality. You notice how people behave like puppets on strings pulled by the rules of society. You want to stay with the loving connections to your awakened self has found with others and with the greater mind in which we are immersed. The demands of social circumstances pull you back into its firm embrace. article continues after advertisement How to maintain your spiritually evolving self in the face of these pressures? Continue your personal spiritual practice and continue to develop the loving connections of your spiritual community.

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