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Coincidence Frequency Factors

Facilitating connections between inner states and external events.

What factors increase coincidence frequency? The answers involve the coincider (the person experiencing the coincidence) and the person’s situation.

Personal characteristics

People who see lots of coincidences describe themselves as spiritual and/or religious. Research also shows that coincidence-sensitive people tend to be self-referential, intuitive, and are seeking meaning in life. These personal characteristics have in common the increased tendency to make connections between inner states and external events. Self-referential means that the person easily makes causal connections between environmental events and the self. For example, “Very few people came to our dance tonight. Maybe they knew I would be here.”

Intuitive means that the person’s thinking tends to bypass rationality and logic. Ideas come from out of the blue. For example, “I use gut feelings to guide me.” People seeking meaning in life are scanning their environments and their minds for connections that lead to better understanding of their place in current reality.

Situational Characteristics

The circumstances that increase coincidence creation usually involve transition, high emotion, and need. These situationally altered states of consciousness include death of a loved one, sickness, job change, romance, and creativity. The outcomes in these situations are uncertain or indeterminate—meaning that the outcome is unknown. Without the momentum of predictable event sequences, new things can happen. The web of regular reality has been torn. During transition people are usually more alert to their environments. They are looking for clues to their futures during this current reduction in predictability.

In the Flow

As positive psychology suggests, we are sometimes able to sync up with our surroundings. We can be dancing to the rhythms of our minds in concert with the events around us. Our thoughts seem to match, to parallel, to approximate the events of our surroundings. Getting into the flow can involve “meditation-in-motion” through which you let the rhythms move you. Take Home Message

To increase the frequency of coincidence, activate your ability to scan both your mind and your environment, especially during uncertain times. This subconscious scanning will automatically look for matches between thoughts and events. Like the winning buzzer in an old TV game show, an alert to a parallel will be activated. You will then be challenged to do something about it—ignore, embrace, study, tell a friend or follow the implied suggestion. You may discover clues to some of the unsolved mysteries of reality.

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