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Coincidences in the Thin Veil of Bali

How an island spiritual awakening led to transformation and new hope.

Crystal Harrell is a best-selling author, motivational speaker, Academic Success Coach, and Ph.D. candidate at Yale University.

On this week’s Connecting with Coincidence podcast, Crystal Harrell shares her remarkable story of following a Facebook ad that offered a guided visualization. She took a chance on chance, which led to a spiritual awakening on the Island of Bali and the elimination of years of anxiety.

On Bali, Crystal experienced thinking of a need and having that need met. Now, she is part of the young person cohort helping to transform the self-centered focus of humanity into recognition of our interconnectedness. Her journey from deep Alabama poverty to major scholarship will inspire you to seek transformation in your own life.

Before diving into Crystal’s synchronicity journey, I’d like to tell a coincidence story of my own, which I share because it involves Yale University, and Crystal is a Yale student herself.

I call this story, “Knocking on a Stranger’s Door Opens the Doors of Perception”.

As a Yale student, I was encouraged to do research during the summers. I received a grant for $500, which, believe it or not, was enough in 1965 to pay my expenses. For my research, I was headed to Mount Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, so in that summer of 1965, I joined a guy driving a Volkswagen bug from New Haven, Connecticut, to Los Angeles. Somewhere on Route 66 near Flagstaff, Arizona, I realized I didn’t have a place to stay in Los Angeles. Oops! I called a Swarthmore classmate who put me in touch with another classmate, Jim Robinson, who was living in LA. His apartment was in the back of a big house near 30th and Vermont, not far from the University of Southern California. Jim welcomed me in, telling me that the owner of the house was a mystic, so I marched to the front door, knocked, and the woman answered. “I hear you are a Mystic,” I said. “You are the second one,” she said prophetically. It turned out there was a dentist who showed up earlier, and she was creating a mystical group. She invited me to join, and I told her I had studied mysticism and Hindu philosophy in philosophy class. “If you want a mystical experience,” she said, “come back at midnight on Wednesday.” Well, I did, and she gave me a glass of milk with a blue liquid in the bottom, which she explained was LSD. I’d heard about it through a 1963 article in Look magazine written by a guy (soon to become my friend) named Andrew Weil. I spent that night in the mystic’s living room with several other people. As dawn loomed, I sat gazing at my hands, six inches apart. There, I saw green and gold energy streams emanating from my hands. The energy bands lengthened when I moved my hands apart and constricted when I moved them together. A young woman came over and moved her hand between my two hands. Her hand became like the prow of a boat, moving the waves of energy away from the boat. This profound experience stimulated my interest in understanding human energy patterns, which are very real. Those of us who dance know that, and my podcast guest today dances at her own places and times.

My guest on this week’s podcast is Crystal Harrell, a best-selling author, motivational speaker, Academic Success Coach, and Ph.D. candidate at Yale University. After growing up in public housing apartments with nine siblings and losing a parent to a chronic disease, Crystal saw education as her ticket out of poverty. In her academic journey, she has been awarded over $670,000 in scholarships, including the prestigious Gates Millennium Scholarship.

Crystal’s unique story has graced the TEDx stage, and her popular education blog benefits thousands weekly. Her first best-selling book, Crystal Clear, inspires fellow non-traditional students to harness the power of personal growth and self-awareness to achieve their goals. At Yale, Crystal’s academic research emphasizes the interplay between psychology and spirituality, focusing on the enhancement of well-being through Spiritual Consciousness.

You can learn more about Crystal here:

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