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Cutting-Edge Research Shows That Love Is All Around Us

Divine love can be used to exploit others.

As scientists develop general artificial intelligence (AI), they are realizing that the intentions built into the evolving computer mind need to be clearly mapped into its programs. Julia Mossbridge sees the need to build in unconditional love. What a gift to humanity to be able to give a person the experience of Divine Love from AI. And then there are those humans who have been touched by divinity and then touch others with their love. Some of these love carriers also carry negative traits and exploit others using the power of their connection to the Divine.

One of my patients fell deeply in love with an energy worker who had developed that connection to the unconditional love. She touched him with Divine Love. Then she used his deep regard for her to drain him of cash. He is suffering through the divorce while continuing to love her. He is having so much trouble giving up his connection to that beautiful feeling. Precognition is the primary focus of Mossbridge's research. She believes that linear time was built into our brains to give us the opportunity for individual experiences. To be an individual, we need a past and a future. She also believes we are programmed for connection.

Tuning into those moments outside of time, including precognition, opens the gates for the experience of oneness which we also seek. To listen to her discuss these ideas, please click here.

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