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Dancing with the Moon: Using Resonance to Understand Synchronicity

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Why does the moon always show the same face to us?

In my latest podcast, astrologer-musician John Townley explains the three steps of understanding resonance: attraction, imitation, and persistence. These three steps describe much of what happens in our world and universe, including meaningful coincidences.

Here’s one of my own coincidence stories to get us started:

A guy named Phoenix owed me a favor. I needed a blood stone because my spirit guide had suggested it. Several people and stores did not know what I was talking about. One Saturday, I walked the three miles to our downtown mall, writing down coincidences in my 49-day “write odd occurrences” notebook. A block from the mall, as I was waiting for the light to change, I looked over to see Phoenix also about to cross. “Dr Coincidence!” he exclaimed. He suggested we go to a bar. I declined. He said, “How about a rock shop?” They had a blood stone. Phoenix had returned the favor.

John Townley was born on the same day as Paul Kammerer, the Austrian botanist who developed a basic science view of meaningful coincidences (seriality) that influenced Jung's ideas of synchronicity and offers clear ideas about how the future is now and attracts us to it.

John is a writer, historical and folk/pop musician and record producer, maritime preservationist, and theoretical astrologer with a broad list of published books and record albums covering over sixty years. He designed the first 12-track studio (Apostolic) in New York where Frank Zappa created much of his music, was founding president of the Confederate Naval Historical Society, and is currently working on a book-to-film project about Austrian biologist Paul Kammerer and his seminal 1919 Das Gesetz der Serie, which introduced the structural concept of seriality, tapped by Jung in his speculation on synchronicity.

You can learn about John’s articles, records, and more at

Watch the podcast now:

And check out our full list of podcasts here…

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