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Death Knocks Three Times

A psychologist’s journey to life-fulfilling promise, with Jennifer Guttman.

What do you do when you and your son are facing death, and your father just died? Psychologist Jennifer Guttman bought a one-way ticket to Europe and cleared her mind of distractions like self-criticism and the need to please others.

Jennifer found herself learning that we should strive for satisfaction rather than happiness. Learn about her journey to a life of increasing optimism!

Meet Jennifer now on the Connecting with Coincidence podcast:

Dr. Jennifer Guttman has a doctorate in clinical psychology. She launched a motivational brand called Sustainable Life Satisfaction®. She produced a YouTube series, course and workbook based on this method. This year, Beyond Happiness, The 6 Secrets of Life Satisfaction was published by Post Hill Press.

Dr. Guttman is a regular contributor to Psychology Today. She has written for national news outlets such as The Washington Post and Newsweek, has been a guest on several network television programs including ABC News and has been featured on dozens of podcasts.

Dr. Guttman has an active and robust Cognitive Behavioral practice.

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