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Diving Deep into Synchronicity and Interconnectedness, with Cynthia Cavalli

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

How coincidences can help us touch the infinite and mystical unknown.

Improbable coincidence strikes us with varying degrees of the numinous and of the presence of the mystical unknown. On this week’s Connecting with Coincidence podcast, we join Cynthia Cavalli to dive deep into one such numinous experience, which reveals how intricately interrelated we all are.

Cynthia’s diverse background in physics, business administration and human systems makes her the ideal synchronicity expert to introduce us to the deep interconnectedness of human life.

Before diving into the podcast, I’ll share a synchronicity story of my own. I call this story “Swinging from Vine to Vine”:

One of my personal patterns is swinging from one coincidence to another in what I call the “Coincidence Jungle.” Here in Virginia, I’ve formed the Charlottesville Coincidence Community with 11 people who are deeply into synchronicity. Our vision is to increase synchronicity awareness in the Charlottesville area. I didn’t have a specific plan in starting the group; I just wanted to accelerate ideas, like following something “vine to vine” until synchronicities happen. One time at my local dance group, a woman smiled at me in a way that suggested she was open to dancing with me. We had a great time dancing together three times, then she left town. Later, I talked with a good friend of the woman’s, with whom she often came to dance. The next time, this friend came with someone named Paul, to whom she introduced me. Then I saw her with Paul at an outdoor party. Paul is an executive director of Charlottesville’s local Tom Tom festival. One of the festival’s themes is that Charlottesville could be and is a “conscious city.” There’s much meditation, yoga, body work, energy work going on here, and synchronicity fits right in. Paul and I had lunch together, and we agreed that I’ll give a talk about synchronicity as part of the Conscious City effort, with possibly more to come in the future. That’s just the sort of thing I’d been envisioning for getting our group’s ideas into the Charlottesville area. Like my “vine to vine” analogy, I was swinging from a dance partner to her friend to Paul and then to a place I had been wanting to be. Funny how that stuff happens.

My guest on this week’s podcast is Cynthia Cavalli, PhD, an executive leadership coach and organizational transformation consultant. Her formal education includes degrees in physics, business administration, and human systems. She worked in the aerospace industry in engineering, project management, and strategy development. After extensive Jungian analysis, she now incorporates personality typology, dream symbolism, and synchronicity into her coaching practice.

Dr. Cavalli is passionate about facilitating personal and organizational transformation through deep inner work. She also offers seminars and workshops on gleaning practical wisdom from the timeless principles of complexity science and mythology to help people navigate the challenges of major life changes. Learn more about Cynthia on her website:

Watch the podcast now:

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