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Emotions Drive Synchronicities

Cognitive explanations for many coincidences need to be supplemented by emotion.

Jung believed that meaning connected the elements of a synchronicity. He used the term “acausal” to suggest that this explanation was outside conventional explanations for events.

What is the meaning of “meaning” here?

Michael Jawer studies emotion as it relates to personality, selfhood, and connections between individuals. between humans and animals . He has observed numerous coincidences that are best explained by the dynamics of emotions. He compares feeling flow to water flow. Like water, feelings can be stagnant, pooled, rushing, choppy or meandering. Meaningful coincidences are more likely to occur during periods of high emotion especially between people (or people and animals) that are emotionally deeply connected.

Based on the work of Michael Fox, he suggests that we are immersed in an Empathosphere, a way of describing aspects of the Psychosphere which is our mental atmosphere. We exchange energy-information with the Psychosphere including potential contacts with those we love and care about. He encourages us to study our animal friends. They have individual personalities, and they are not encumbered by the incessant thinking of our prefrontal cortex. Their feelings are right on the surface. Look into the eyes of your pet! You might come to know what they are thinking-feeling!

To listen to Michael discuss some of his animal stories and the primacy of emotion, please click here.


Photo by Tengyart on Unsplash

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