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Animal Communication and Connectivity: Exploring the Invisible Bonds

How did connective “rubber bands” help me find my dog Snapper?

Meet Reverend Karen Cleveland, an extraordinary connector! Karen explains that we are connected to others through invisible “rubber bands” pulling us together. Imagine what you need ethically, let it go, and (through mechanisms we are just learning), what you need is likely to appear.

Karen believes animals are our connection with the divine, and she helps people understand their divine self by starting with animal connections.

I was excited about this podcast, since I was able to discuss my own animal coincidence, which is what first sparked my interest in coincidences as a young boy.

Here’s that story:

When I was eight or nine, my father quit his job as the manager of a dime store to buy and sell cattle near Cleveland, Ohio. He knew I desperately needed a dog, and one day he brought home a six-week-old puppy, black with tan and white splotches, who liked to chew on trees. I named him Snapper, and we became best buddies. One day when I came home from school, Snapper had disappeared. I became frightened, and my mother suggested I go to the police station near the elementary school. I rode my bike along the usual route, cut across the playground and across the big street, pushed my bike up the stairs, and took the long walk to the front desk of the police station. “Have you seen my dog?” I asked the big uniformed man behind that desk. “Sorry, son,” he replied. “We haven’t seen your dog,” I started crying, because I needed that boy very, very much. I went back down the stairs with my bike, and because I was crying, I didn’t go back across the big street. Instead, I stayed on the same side and started peddling. And maybe 20-30 yards down that sidewalk, I looked up and saw a dog walking in the funny sideways way that Snapper walked. I stopped, and Snapper jumped up on my leg. I was so glad to see him! Then Snapper said to me without words, “Where have you been?” “I’m here now, Snap,” I said. “Let’s go home.”

So how did Snapper and I find each other? Watch this week’s podcast to find out.

My guest this week is Karen Cleveland, a Safari Host, animal connection specialist, Minister, and animal communicator. She offers carefully curated, transformational safari adventures for people who are ready to find connection and meaning in their life through safaris and wildlife all over the world.

Karen is also the host of The Connectedness Podcast, where she discusses the importance of coincidences and synchronicities in life that bring us everyday miracles and magic, as well as the principles that engage mind, body, and soul to help all listeners begin their own journey back to their heart’s dreams.

You can learn more about Karen on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and her website.

Watch the podcast now:

And be sure to check out our other coincidence podcasts and synchronicity podcasts here…

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