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How AI Informs Synchronicity, with John Schalcosky

Artificial Intelligence can help generate meaningful coincidences.

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly changing the technological landscape with its computationally predictive and generative applications.

My guest this week on the Connecting with Coincidence podcast is John Schalcosky, a modern-day polymath and the founder of Odd Pittsburgh, a platform with over a quarter million followers that delves into the city of Pittsburgh's fascinating history.

On this week’s episode, John Schalcosky explains that AI has been his ultimate tool in not only recognizing meaningful coincidences but also generating them!

Meet John now on the Connecting with Coincidence podcast:

A passionate storyteller and seeker of connections, John explores the intricate web of life’s experiences through art, history, and technology. As well as an insatiable curiosity for genealogy, he has created over 14,000 genealogical profiles, linking past and present in a quest for meaning.

His work extends beyond Pittsburgh, as he collaborates with experts across various fields, including AI, to unravel the mysteries of coincidence and synchronicity. John’s journey reflects a relentless pursuit of the extraordinary within the ordinary. Check out his work here:

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Photo by Andy Kelly on Unsplash

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