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Human GPS: Get to Where You Need to Be Without Knowing How

Numerous case reports suggest that humans have homing pigeon-like abilities.

We vary in the types of coincidences we experience. Some people primarily notice serial coincidences like Gary Schwartz. Others experience the emotions of loved ones at a distance (simulpathity). And some seem to get to where they need to be by following intuitive urges to “go this way instead of that way.” In this post we examine the human GPS type.
Finding the right house
A sales representative for a drug company described her home-finding adventure: “My husband and I decided to buy and fix up the house we were currently renting. It was an okay place and seemed like the easiest thing to do. We drove to the bank and started the process of taking out a loan. On our way back to the house, my husband decided to go a different, longer way back. He said later he felt like taking the alternate route. I spotted a woman putting up a “For Sale” sign for her house right as we passed by. We stopped. It was just what I wanted. We bought it! It was just the right place for our family.” Her husband just “felt like it.” He followed an intuitive pull.
Finding the artist
Juliet Trail wrote: "I traveled seven hours and back from Virginia to New York City in a weekend to attend the 25th-anniversary screening of a favorite film, Labyrinth, to be followed by panel with co-creator Brian Froud. I was disappointed by a series of events beyond my direct control not to get to meet him before or after the event that Saturday evening. I decided to let go of my disappointment and use my available time on Sunday to go commune with more great art (like his film), this time with my host and best friend Laura Lee at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We explored the whole museum, and were about to leave. In walking towards the exit, this gallery to my right in lush lemon yellow beckoned to me to come take a look.

It was a Spanish courtyard in design and we entered on the second level looking into an indoor space designed to simulate an outdoor courtyard of a monastery or hacienda. As I browsed the Spanish portraits lining this second level balcony, who walks in from another direction directly towards us? … Brian Froud. Millions of people in NYC that day, thousands of them just inside this single museum, and there he strolls all alone and peacefully content into this small side gallery. We were able to speak with him for nearly an hour before he and I both realized we needed to go and meet other demands. It was sublime to get that opportunity for unhurried, genuine connection with one of my very favorite living artists – and one of my favorite artists of all time, living or not! What's going on?
These are not unique stories. I've collected many of them and experienced my own human GPS. We seem to have the intuitive capacity to get where we need to be by following certain inner promptings.
How can these experiences be explained?
I propose the existence of the Psychosphere, our mental atmosphere. A previous post provides clues to the existence of this mental atmosphere. To learn more about Juliet's GPS experiences and her conjectures about the Psychosphere please click here.

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