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Introducing “Life Cycles Theory”

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Can Important Events in Our Lives Be Correlated With A 12-Year Cycle?

Neil Killion (Source: Neil Killion)

Guest Blogger: Neil Killion and his data suggesting coincidental connections between age and life events. I was both an interviewee of Bernie’s and a regular correspondent over the last several months, regarding my new theory of life. I am very pleased to be invited to explain this radical new idea to you.

Could there be evidence of the presence of 12-year cycles in your life. It is something I uncovered by accident and has no connection with the popular, but highly criticised, systems of astrology and numerology. My name is Neil Killion and I am a psychologist, who has spent the majority of my career in a commercial setting, being the founder and CEO of my own outplacement company in Sydney, Australia for around 20 years.

In the course of my role as a mid-career advisor, I was used to providing clients with feedback on their career stage, using the theory of Daniel Levinson (“The Seasons Of A Man’s Life”). I decided to do an ad hoc validation study on his ‘Mid-Career Identity’ passage (supposedly introduced in the middle to late 30’s) using my own sample and came upon a very unexpected finding.

I was picking up a much greater than expected correlation between major achievements and beginnings of new eras and just the age of 36. This single finding led me on a journey of discovery to uncover a similar unusual correlation between the age of 24 and his ‘First Career Identity’ (meant to be anytime in the middle to late 20’s). Later, I again saw this same unusual grouping for the age of 48 and what he called the ‘Late Career Identity’.

I did this by using a process of detailed biographical analysis and by concentrating on important events in just these very few years of an individual’s life. The results have proven to be astonishing and has caused me to name these first years of a theoretical 12 year cycle, as the “Years of Revolution”, because it appeared to me to be like a personal revolution in so many lives.

I then widened my research with a sample of, usually prominent, public personalities throughout history and the current day. The reason I chose them, is because there are multiple sources of verifiable biodata, including quotations about how events in these years affected them. I needed then, as I do today, the collection of as many case studies from as objective a series of groupings, as I could. Next, I made a second discovery of another year of change within this 12 year period. This was that following the initial year, there was a more or less unbroken path of development for some 7 years, before evidence of another year of change. This involved a new direction and prolonged challenge, but was still related to the theme of the initial year. It corresponded to the adult ages of 19, 31, 43 etc, and I gave these years the name, “Years of Broken Pathway”, as this is literally what seems to happen.

Now a pen picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ll give you just two well-known examples from history and the current day. The first is Napoleon Bonaparte, who at 36 had his greatest-ever military victory at the Battle of Austerlitz, when he effectively gained control of Europe in one day. Then some 7 years later, at the age of 43, he invaded Russia and lost around 90% of his army and his enemies began to circle. In a completely different way, at the age of 24, the author J K Rowling, literally invented the whole persona and story-line for Harry Potter in one afternoon, when on a delayed train journey to London. Then, 7 years later, at the age of 31 and very much to her surprise, she received news that her first novel “Philosopher’s Stone” was going to be published. These results would be all well and good as oddities, however if you took an objective list of the ‘Top 10 Most Influential People Of The 20th Century’, you would find 100% of correlations with one or more of these years and 8/10, with the most black and white evidence imaginable. So, at 36, Einstein publishes the “General Theory of Relativity”; Gandhi first uses his method of non-violent protest known as Satyagraha; Mandela gives his career-defining address at the Kliptown Conference; Orville Wright makes his history-making flight etc. Not content with just this, I have recently used a sample of 26 celebrity deaths between the years of 2015-2016 (as a form of blind sample) and come up with a very similar result (everyone from Castro to Prince). I have backed this up with several other blind Obituary samples, as well as several hundred blog and related case studies. In other words, I only make my conclusions based on the widespread evidence of my various studies. This is so totally different to all other theorists in this area. The occult systems of astrology/numerology have no evidence to back up their claims. In the area of adult developmental psychologists the most prominent figure, Erik Erikson, went on to abandon the use of correlating his 8 stages with any period of years, preferring to use the loosely defined ‘Acquiring a Virtue’ concept. What I have shown is a radical new view of important life events occurring within a 12 year cycle, in a truly revolutionary way. The proof of a true cycle is shown when the essential theme remains the same (eg. Barack Obama had important events to do with Health Care reform at 24/36 and 48 with Obamacare). I have no idea what may cause this, which means only the correlations themselves are important. On its own it would provide a ground-breaking new aspect of psychological theory, but it also transcends this into the areas of philosophy (with a practical demonstration of the presence of a form of determinism) and the general scientific/rational/skeptical view that all strange coincidences/patterns are easily explained by concepts such the ‘Law of Truly Large Numbers’ etc. I am seeking discussion and debate among readers. So far, dialogue with the scientific mainstream has been just about non-existent, but I am a true revolutionary and I want to change this through spreading the word about my “Life Cycles Theory”. You can read more about my work in my recent books, The Life Cycles Revolution (2013) and Life Cycles - Relationships (2018) or contact me on


Photo by Yumi Kim on Unsplash

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