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Is There Scientific Evidence of Chakras and Healing Energies?

Learn how your biofields resonate with the world around you, with Margaret Moga.

You have magnetic fields around you, pulsing, affecting others. Margaret Moga measures them.

Thought is made of energy and information. What you think has an effect on other people. Orgasm is an activation of all your chakras. Your energy field resonates with some and not with others.

Most of us are unfortunately shielded by buildings and walls from the healing energy of the ocean, the forest, the river that helps us reach our energy signature, the biofield activation that is closest to us. Your house, your car, you furniture, your land, your clothes, your dogs and cats, pick up your energy fields. Telepathy may involve the perturbation of another person’s energy field.

On this week’s podcast, Margaret invites you to explore this expanding field of the personal, group, and earth energy information: the Psychosphere!

Meet Margaret now on the Connecting with Coincidence podcast:

Margaret Moga is a neuroanatomist, medical educator, and subtle energy researcher, with 40 peer-reviewed papers examining the neural pathways of the central autonomic nervous system, magnetic field changes during energy healing, exceptional experiences of healers and scientific basis of the chakras.

Her current research interests are developing scientific measures of energy healing and exceptional human experiences. As a complement to her research, she completed training as a practitioner in Healing Touch, an energy-based biofield therapy, and was recently President of the nonprofit organization, Society for Scientific Exploration.

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Photo by Magic Bowls on Unsplash

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