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Is Your Future Creating Synchronicities in Your Present Life?

When worlds collide: How your present and future might come together to guide your life.

Are you ready to venture into the present through the future? Perhaps synchronicities are created by our obscured future roles and goals through retrocausation. Your future, the one toward which you are being drawn, may be reaching fingerlings into your present.

In Jeff Dunne’s novel of clashing and cooperating opposites, Nexus, the Champions of two worlds are unknowingly drawn to their future until the climactic ending.

Meet Jeff now on the Connecting with Coincidence podcast:

Dr. Jeffrey Dunne is President of ICRL, an organization established to continue the research of the effects of consciousness on physical systems begun at Princeton University from 1979-2007.

Beyond exploring the nature of consciousness and several decades of research at the Johns Hopkins University in fields ranging from acoustics to data science and AI, Jeff is also an award-winning playwright and author. Through his novel, Nexus, he weaves the concept of syntropy with the implications of the nature of consciousness to address the challenges humanity is facing, highlighting a path to navigate towards a healthier, sustainable future.

Learn more about Jeff here:

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