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Library Angels, Helpful Strangers & Timely Money

Updated: May 17

A multidimensional physician explains how to increase synchronicities.

A book falls off the library shelf and hits physician Richard Petty on the shoulder with information he was ready to receive. A stranger initiates a conversation with him who then receives excellent medical advice from him. Major water pipes burst right when a woman collapses with a stroke.

How do these strange and timely coincidences happen? Utilizing principles from addiction medicine, Dr. Petty lists ways in which synchronicities can be increased including being hungry, angry, lonely and tired. Get to know the mind and heart of this brilliant man!

Meet Richard now on the Connecting with Coincidence podcast:

Richard G. Petty, M.D., has been interested in meaningful coincidences for much of his life. He graduated in medicine from the London Hospital Medical College, University of London. While a student, he developed a deep and abiding interest in the work of Carl Jung and spent two years training in psychotherapy.


After graduation, he also obtained a master’s degree in biochemistry, a doctorate in endothelial cell biology, and trained in acupuncture and qigong in England, China, and the U.S. He practiced research and taught internal medicine, endocrinology, and metabolic medicine for 14 years before psychiatric training at Bethlem Royal and Maudsley Hospital London and a research Fellowship in neuroimaging at John’s Hopkins in Baltimore.


He spent seven years on the faculty of the University of Pennsylvania and has been a visiting Professor, guest lecturer, keynote speaker, and workshop leader on every continent except Antarctica. He teaches well-being healthy aging, spirituality, and methods for increasing energy and


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May 19

Lovely interaction, gentlemen scholars ---two fine minds and caring hearts sharing the best of themselves, elevating the conversation about the nature of coincidences, and Being, Alive, in a body on planet earth. Added to my vocabulary, confirmed some suspicions, corroborated some of my own research, findings, understandings: THANK YOU from a kindred shift-shaper 💚


May 17

On Biology + Physics + Psychology

The table of cross analogous terminologies between the two separate fields of discipline that Professor Wolfgang Pauli had sent to Dr. Jung can be expanded. The reasoning is that there is the same abstract process operating in different forms that are mostly recognized and described by those in the field.

It would be like another column

(Atom and Archetype: The Pauli/Jung Letters 1932-1958, pp 11-12;91-92).

That "nucleus" would be the tiniest center in Biological terminology. The list should become easier for each layer of understanding nature.


May 17

Hi Dr. Bernard Beitman and Dr. Richard Petty,

On "library type" coincidences (Koestler), I found variations. Open books on an empty bus seat with the same content, books drop, people that happen to be talking about some written, ...

There is a Latin term, "AD APERTURA LIBRA" ("Wherever the book hast opened").

Ad apertura can refer to those external external media interplays, ad apertura media tv, raidio, etc.

But when experiencing some with more than one external event converging, like, radio, light beam from sun or moon and clouds to highlight a specific spot when asking a question and finding that an arbitrary position of the fingers with eye balls focused as part of some coherent light meeting and staring…

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