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Loaded: Coincidences in the Family

The intense emotions and frequent transitions of family life breed coincidences.

Marriage and family therapist Rob Hopcke has studied coincidences in families through his own dramatic experiences and those of his clients. He is the author of the national best-seller, There Are No Accidents: Synchronicity and the Stories of Our Lives, which has been translated into over two dozen languages, and the forthcoming follow-up to this book, Unexpected Pieces of Our Hearts: Synchronicity and The Stories of Our Families.

Rob Hopcke (Source: Rob Hopcke)

How does a mother make meaning of a letter from her son 5 months after his sudden death? How does a son respond to a dream in which the name of his long sought birth mother seems to appear? For Hopcke, these experiences are chance events that give us the opportunity to create our own meaning. To be able to recognize meaningful coincidences, you need to be tuned into the contents of your own mind. Eben Alexander had been adopted by a neurosurgeon and his wife. His adoptive father inspired Eben to also become a neurosurgeon. As a research and clinical focus, Dr. Alexander selected subarachnoid hemorrhages (SAH) which is a devastating bleed in the brain from aneurysms that maims and kills many patients. He had contacted the Children’s Home several times and was told that his birth parents had shown no interest in contacting him. In 6th grade, one of his sons began a genealogy project leading Eben to again contact the Children’s Home. This time he made contact with his birth family and was also told they had gotten married which was a huge surprise—because he always thought his parents had gone their separate ways. His parents had three more children. The Children’s home had received the contact information for his birth family because of a certain hereditary affliction that had impacted several family members. His maternal grandfather and two maternal aunts each had suffered from SAH. Two of them died because of it. The hereditary disease was subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH) Eben’s research focus! For Eben, this synchronicity was more evidence for the Greater Consciousness about which he studying and teaching.

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