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Quantum Activism: Healing the World and Ourselves, with Amit Goswami

Theoretical nuclear physicist explains how we can bring Heaven to Earth.

In this week’s Connecting with Coincidence podcast, Dr. Amit Goswami teaches us how we can live the love from the heart that will help bring Heaven to Earth.

Hell, he explains, is where people at the banquet that is Earth try unsuccessfully to feed only themselves, while Heaven is where we feed each other. Dr. Goswami leads quantum activists to help all of us work to change ourselves and simultaneously work to change the world through creative intentionality — joining with the flow of the evolutionary merging of opposites into Oneness.

As a lead-in to the podcast each week, I like to tell a coincidence story of my own. I call this one, “Telepathy in Nature.”

I’d met a woman named Alice several times while walking in the mountains of Mint Springs near Crozet, Virginia. One day, she was walking with a man whom she introduced to me as Adam. As we talked, the image of a high-school friend came onto the video screen in my mind. My friend’s name was Dave, but we used to tease him by calling him “George.” So, I looked at Adam and confidently called him “George.” That turned out to be his real first name, not Adam. And it was a name only a few people called him. How had I known that? Perhaps our guest will enlighten us about that possibility.

On this week’s podcast episode, I’m excited to speak with a renowned pioneer of the new paradigm of quantum science based on the primacy of consciousness, Amit Goswami, PhD.

Now retired as a professor from the physics department of the University of Oregon (1968 to 1997), Goswami has written multiple groundbreaking popular books based on research on quantum science and consciousness, among them, The Self-Aware Universe, The Quantum Brain, Quantum Integrative Medicine, and Quantum Spirituality (the last three books with Valentina R. Onisor, MD), The Quantum Doctor, Physics of the Soul, Quantum Creativity, and The Everything Answer Book.

In 2009, Amit started a movement called Quantum Activism, now gaining ground in North and South America, Europe, and India. In 2019, he and his collaborators established Quantum Activism Vishwalayam, acting as the department of Quantum Science at the University of Technology in Jaipur, India, and developed a Master and PhD program in Quantum Science of Health, Prosperity, and Happiness, an international program of transformative education.

Amit was featured in the movie What the Bleep Do We Know!? and the documentaries The Dalai Lama Renaissance and The Quantum Activist. Amit is a spiritual practitioner and calls himself a quantum activist in search of Wholeness.

Watch the podcast now:

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Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

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Diana Sims
Diana Sims
12 juil. 2023

This is blowing mind!

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