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Synchronicities Imply That Meaning Exists Outside of Us

Guidelines for interpreting meaningful coincidences.

Cynthia Cavalli (Source: Cynthia Cavalli)

Francesco Ronchetti and I had composed 7 songs based on stories from my book Connecting with Coincidence. They needed a sound engineer to make them radio ready. Mark Graham looked like our man here in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Early on, Mark told me he had a disabling disorder in which he could not stop vomiting. As a child physicians had no name for it. Then he saw a paper by David Fleischer, MD calling it Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome. Dr. Fleischer and I had collaborated on this disorder 25 years earlier at the University of Missouri-Columbia. I had some idea how to treat it. This is a low probability coincidence involving 600 miles between Charlottesville and Columbia, 25 years since the collaboration, and a rare medical disorder. Did it mean that I should become Mark's psychiatrist? We had to get the songs finished. Now they are. I asked for Coincidence Counseling from the multi-talented Dr. Cynthia Cavalli. Should I become Mark’s psychiatrist? Dr. Cavalli's husband offered this analysis:

“Seizures occur when rhythms go awry. So here you were looking for someone to put your stories to music – another way to say it could be you were looking to ‘rhythmicize’ your stories – and you found someone who was out of rhythm in a very unusual and specific way that coincided with an area of your – also unusual and specific – expertise. You were both qualified to offer help to each other in a strangely unique and specific manner!” Seems like all kinds of meaningful threads weaving in and out of this story – and we may have only scratched the surface!

Dr. Cavalli applies both rational and emotional-intuitive thinking in her work. She believes we can talk with Fate and Destiny to modify our journeys through life. She believes that meaning is out there, separate from us humans, and that meaning connects our psyches to the world around us. She advises us to “honor the transitions” between sleep and wakefulness, right before eating, and when entering the forest. Pause and drink in the moment and let thought-feelings come in to you. Transitions free us from rationality, open the mind to new possibilities. You can find different things in different states of mind. To listen to Dr. Cavalli analyze the CVS coincidence and how she uses synchronicity in her consulting work, please click here.

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