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Synchronicity and the Nature of Time: Dr. Beitman Appears at Coincidence Summit

What kind of universe makes synchronicity possible?

On Oct. 27, Dr. Bernard Beitman spoke at the opening session of a groundbreaking event presented by the Galileo Commission and the Academy for the Advancement of Postmaterialist Sciences.

During the GC Summit VII: Synchronicity and the Nature of Time, speakers related profound personal experiences and responded to this question: What kind of universe makes synchronicity possible?

Throughout the discussion, they considered possible interpretations and implications of coincidences and synchronistic events, aiming for a deeper understanding of consciousness and the interconnected nature of reality.

In addition to Dr. Beitman, the roster of speakers included a wide range of thought leaders in the subject, including Marjorie Woollacott, David Lorimer, Dr Joan Walton, Prof. Roderick Main, Prof. Richard Tarnas, and others.

Watch the presentation now:


Learn more and watch the full conference presentations here:

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