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Synchronicity at Play

Thinking about coincidences from probability to quantum physics.

In November 1994, Jennifer Hill was accompanying her grandmother home after her grandfather’s funeral. At the entrance to the house, she spotted a single gardenia in bloom next to the entrance. It was November, not a time for gardenias to bloom.

Gardenias were her grandmother’s favorite flower. When her grandmother saw it, the tears she had not yet allowed to flow spilled forth. It seemed like a message from her from her husband. Condolence coincidences are common. Reporter Tara MacIsaac describes many of them. Tara is also well schooled in Coincidence Studies and skillfully applies her knowledge to analyzing her own coincidences by addressing their probability and possible explanations.

For example, she experienced a startling coincidence about her father. He had been brain injured in a car accident when she was a baby. His condition was deteriorating. As she was mulling over whether to care for him in her house, she was confronted with a large flashing sign saying: ASSISTED LIVING. What should she do with this message? Tara is also tuned into developing ideas about the Psychosphere, our mental atmosphere. She has been talking with researchers who find that we are surrounded by waves of energy-information which permeate our being. These waves may have something to do with how telepathy operates.

To hear her discuss these ideas, please click here.


Photo by xu jiebing on Unsplash

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