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The Dead Still Need You!

The transformational power of grief, with Rondi Lightmark.

“The greatest gift anyone can give you is their own death.” Author Rondi Lightmark’s grief for her deceased husband Jim led to direct communications with him. This communication fostered major psychological and spiritual developments in her. Most profoundly, she now has the ability to receive Jim’s love as well as to continue loving him.

Grieving involves both the body — “who am I without Jim” — and spirit. The body aches and needs direct care. Spiritually, Rhondi knows Jim is still with her, as are other deceased persons. Her spiritual seeking has led her to a vastly greater realm, which she directly experiences.

Meet Rondi now on the Connecting with Coincidence podcast:

Rondi Lightmark holds a Master’s Degreen in Psychology from Saybrook Graduate School with an emphasis on consciousness research. Some of her professors included Stanley Krippner, Ruth Inge-Heinze, Eugene Taylor, and David Feinstein. She is also certified in the family systems therapy of Bert Hellinger. She encourages you to connect with her teachers through the links in her bio in this post.

Rondi’s 2023 memoir about the loss of her husband, The Difference Between Seeds and Stones, won a Nautilus book award. It includes how her dream of becoming a writer was realized in connection with an extraordinary event in her home. This occurred on her return from a workshop with the spiritual philosopher David Spangler.

Key influences in Rondi’s life include the philosophy of the Austrian spiritual scientist, Rudolf Steiner, and her time working as a writer in the spiritual education communities of Omega Institute and Esalen Institute.



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