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The World Responds to Our Emotions: Evidence from Physics

Principles of quantum mechanics inform our understanding of synchronicity.

“Quantum mechanics are what things are doing when we are not observing them.”

According physicist and songwriter Sky Nelson, each thing is a collection of properties. They become the objects we experience through our interaction with them. The interaction creates the object.

The mathematics of quantum mechanics uses symbols for things like electrons. These symbols are not the electrons. Manipulation of the symbols through mathematical equations produces a numerical outcome. And so it may be with interaction with you and your environment. Part of ourselves interacts with the world through symbols that produce specific outcomes. These symbols are often emotionally filled. As suggested in the 13th Century by Albertus Magnus, the world is responding to our emotions. Sky applies these ideas to this remarkable coincidence:

"When I was 18, I planned to backpack around Europe. My close friend Dana was studying in Israel that semester, so we made a “plan” to meet in Greece. Without cell phones or email, it was a sketchy plan at best. I failed to call Dana at her school in Israel for the first 6 weeks of my trip, and then came down with an illness which forced me to take a train back to Paris and fly home to California. Meanwhile, Dana got sick of waiting for me to call, so when her friends invited her to fly to Paris for a weekend adventure, she went for it. We ended up meeting in the L’ouvre Museum by accident. It wasn’t Greece, but that’s just an irrelevant detail! We were married ten years later, and now have an 8 year old daughter." He describes how coincidence awareness can be applied to our daily lives. To listen to him talk about these ideas, please click here.

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