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Thoughts Influence Computers

Our inner world can affect our outer world, with technological results.

Has the wrong telephone number ever resulted in the right opportunity for your life? That’s what happened for Terje Simonsen, my guest on this week’s Connecting with Coincidence podcast, when a wrong phone number he received via text message launched him into a career in parapsychological realities.

If everything is connected, how do our thoughts influence technology like computers and smart phones? Is it important to ask for those connections and then act on our desires? What about meditation and visualization? In this podcast, we discuss all that and more.

As you may know, I like to start each podcast with a synchronicity story of my own. Here’s my story for this week:

A new friend I met in my dance group paints energetically colorful plants and animals. She’s really, really good. One painting I like is a bull in a field of vibrant flowers. The bull has thick hair falling over his brow and is looking directly at the viewer with a big, playful smile on his face. He’s wildly tame and tamely wild. Around the time I discovered this and other paintings of hers, I was reading a short story involving French painter Henri Rousseau, who painted wild animals and plants in whooshes of bright, moving colors. The descriptions of Rousseau and my recollections of his work reminded me of that smiling bull, so I told my friend that her paintings reminded me of Rousseau. It seemed like a cool synchronicity to discover her paintings and remember the short story about Rousseau. After I sent her this compliment, I went back to look again at her paintings and realized that I had wanted the resemblance to be stronger than it actually was. The feeling each conveyed to me was similar, but the visuals were alike mostly in their colorfulness and their fanciful depiction of animals. I had exaggerated the similarity, and that’s not the first time I have wanted to see two independent events as being more similar than they actually were. Was I overly flattering and positive? That rating is up to her. But for me and for you, it’s a reminder to watch out. Those of us who love coincidences can sometimes overdo similarities, making too much of meaning that might not be there. But many of these synchronicities are interpersonal, so we’ll see how my friend the artist responds.

On this week’s podcast, I’m excited to welcome Terje Simonsen, whose existential mission is to accelerate human intuitive capacities for the benefit of all living beings. Educated as a historian of ideas, he specializes in esoteric and occult traditions. Having heard inexplicable stories from reliable relatives and friends from childhood and later experiencing things of that nature himself, he combined this fascination with the unknown with a scholarly study in esoterica and mystical traditions.

Terje also has a deep personal interest in meditation and therapy, including gestalt, psychosynthesis, psychomotoric physiotherapy, and transpersonal psychology. You can learn more about him at

Watch the podcast now:

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Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

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