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Trees Expand Your Mind: Discovering the Power of the Green World, with Judith Polich

Let the forest embrace you and you’ll understand your place in the larger world.

Bathe in the forest’s energy to rejuvenate, to become meditation in motion, to communicate, to interact with the forest mind. Trees are trying to communicate with you, trying to help humanity by modeling cooperative, respectful interaction to help our species and their species survive.

On this week’s podcast, Judith Polich helps us understand not only the power and energy of trees, but the green world we’re all a part of. As that world becomes more threatened, it’s more important than ever for us to expand our minds through interaction with nature.

Meet Judith now on the Connecting with Coincidence podcast:

Judith Polich is a retired lawyer, an environmentalist, a wetlands advocate, and an advisor to New Mexico State Parks on climate change, resilience and mitigation. She holds a Master of Science degree in environmental studies and environmental education from the University of Wisconsin.

She is the author of a climate change column for the Albuquerque Journal entitled “Cutting Your Carbon Footprint” and the books Return of the Children of Light and Why Can’t We Be More Like Trees? She lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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