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Trump and Putin Do a Scene from a TV Series at G20 Summit

Life imitates art: Putin and Trump enact House of Cards characters.

Oscar Wilde wrote that “Life imitates art.” (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

At the G20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany, Trump holds out his hand to Putin for a handshake as Putin looks away. Without knowing it the two men have re-enacted a scene from an episode of the the House of Cards series aired two years ago.

This 2015 episode shows Viktor Petrov looking on as Frank Underwood holds out his hand for a handshake. The character Petrov is the Russian President and the character Frank Underwood is the United States’ President. Here are several other examples of life imitating art:

Fourteen years before the sinking of the Titanic in 1912, a novel describes much of the detail that unfolded in reality including the size of the ship and hitting an iceberg in the North Atlantic. The name of the fictional ship was the Titan (p. 150 in Connecting with Coincidence). A Hip Hop album cover due to be released after 9/11 had twin towers blowing up on the cover. It was supposed to be a metaphor for music destroying capitalism (p. 150 Plimmer and King).

Columbian Drug lord Pablo Escobar read of his own death in Tom Clancy's book Clear and Present Danger. In both the book and in real life a phone call alerted the police to his location. They killed him and found a heavily annotated copy of the book including underlining of the phone call scene. On the day Escobar was killed the same scene was being filmed in the movie based on the book (Plimmer and King, p 151). In 1837 Edgar Allan Poe wrote The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket. a cabin boy named on a shipwreck was eaten by 4 other men to survive. In 1884, a shipwrecked crew of 4 ate the cabin boy. In both story and reality, the boy was named Richard Parker.

These coincidences are evidence of our collective human mind. Artists get further in to it and gain greater perspectives, which allows them to see the future before it happens. Similarly many great discoveries are made simultaneously by different people in different place.

We are all part of a larger consciousness. Believe in it, become more aware of it and help the collective mind evolve psychologically and spiritually.

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