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Use a Coincidence to Alert Others to Coincidences

Help others become curious about the mysteries surrounding us.

Many coincidences involve other people. When you experience one with another person, encourage their curiosity!

Barbara, family names and the loan officer Barbara was going through an ugly divorce. Her husband refused to pay for her November house payment so she needed to get a loan which she would not receive until mid-November. At the end of October she received a $1000 reimbursement for medication he had purchased while in another country. (The medical insurance was through her work, so it was paid directly to her.) She was able to pay a good part of the mortgage with that surprise money. As she pursued the loan, she spoke with three different people at the insurance company. The first person was named Jamie (same as her son).

A few weeks later the second insurance person was named Emily (her sister’s name). Later that day she spoke with a woman named Sophia (the name of Barbara's best friend). Barbara then told Sophia about how the other 2 names were also connected to her.

“These must be a signs,” said Sophia. Barbara told Sophia that coincidences alert us to the mysterious hiding in plain sight. Sophia said these coincidence had made her day and that she would pay more attention to them. She needed to get out of her “rut”.

My silly check-writing mistake and the tax woman Just after I finished writing this Barbara story, I called the Virginia Department of Revenue about a bill from them. I pay quarterly taxes. They were saying I owed them $1500 when my records showed that I had sent the money in.

The woman with whom I spoke quickly found the problem. On each check you must write the amount in numbers and also write the number out in words. I had recorded the correct number numerically ($1697) but had written out one-hundred and sixty-seven instead of one thousand six hundred and ninety-seven. In writing it out, I had dropped the nine. I complimented her for how quickly she had come up with the answer. She said that last week she had a similar problem and that the person had also written out the same wrong number: one hundred and sixty seven. She was 95% sure it was the same number.

The same numerical mistake within a week made this a low probability coincidence. article continues after advertisement Like Barbara I suggested to the helpful woman that coincidences alert us to the mysterious hiding in plain sight. She alerted!

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