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What Is Synchronicity?

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

An interview with feature documentary director David Strabala.

While counseling a troubled teen, David Strabala wondered how this boy kept finding himself at the wrong place at the wrong time. Could he arrange his life to be in the right place at the right time? Wasn’t this a synchronicity question?

Inspired by the teen’s struggle and always the story teller, Strabala set about producing and directing the movie What Is Synchronicity?

During his interview on my Connecting with Coincidence radio show, Strabala tells us several of the many coincidences that helped make the movie happen. His stories once again illustrate how being involved with coincidences increases their appearance. One of his instructive personal coincidences involved a romantic relationship that he had just ended. A week after they both agreed to break up, he was stopped behind a car that was the exact make and model of his ex-girlfriend’s car. The driver looked very much like his ex. Then he noticed her license plate: “WAIT4ME” it said. He took this as a sign that he should probably get back together with her. It seemed to mean that their relationship was meant to be. He met with her and she agreed. They remained together for several years, but the relationship never could progress to the marriage he thought he wanted. They separated once again.

Strabala thought back about that license plate. Wait a minute! The sign was not “get back together,” it was “wait.” He had done so much waiting in his life! The sign then reflected how his pattern of waiting had run its course, given their mutual doubts about marriage. He needed to accept how their energy had shifted and choose gratitude for the time they were together. As I suggest in this blog post, meaningful coincidences like this do not necessarily mean the relationship is meant to be… forever. So many people pass in and out of our lives This one was meant to be for a limited time, until Strabala learned what he needed to know.

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