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Are Synchronicities Manufactured for Political Gain? Yes!

Learn how false coincidences are used to gain power and influence.

Synchronicities can be artificually created for political power.

For example, in the 1930s politicians wanted popular support to lower taxes on imported wool. Their public relations firm created three events, one on the West Coast, one in the Midwest and one on the East Coast, to drive support for lower taxes. This serial "synchronicity" emotionally charged many American to support reduced tariffs on imported wool.

What are the chances that randomly, within the same decade, John Kennedy. Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King would each be assassinated? What was behind this serial coincidence? On the other hand, are some of your coincidences being created for your benefit by some unknown intelligence?

Join us for a fascinating discussion as Michelle Stiles exposes a hidden part of our political system.

Meet Michelle now on the Connecting with Coincidence podcast:

A teacher by nature and a contrarian by design, Michelle Stiles has a keen ability to simplify the complex and make seminal older works accessible to the modern mind in a fresh and easy rendering.

While the writing of One Idea to Rule Them All by a physical therapist may seem like a metaphysical oddity or quirk of the universe, it is simply the product of an active mind in the quest for truth. Learn more about Michelle and her new book here:

And be sure to explore our other coincidence podcasts and synchronicity podcasts on our website…

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