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Lightning Strikes Your Mind!

Understanding the Emotions and Meanings of Coincidences, with Alessandra Melas

From the depths of the Mediterranean Sea comes philosopher Alessandra Melas with an exuberant riff on the fundamental elements of coincidences.

What is real? How does your mind operate on the two independent event lines intersecting? What emotions are evoked in you? How is the coincidence relevant to you? What meanings do you extract? Join us in this delightful interchange!

Meet Alessandra now on the Connecting with Coincidence podcast:

Alessandra Melas collaborates with the University of Sassari (Italy), where she defended her Ph.D. dissertation concerning causal realism in Quantum Mechanics. Her research mostly focuses on the History and Metaphysics of Science, with particular interest in causation and chance. She is currently working on metaphysics of coincidences (see What Are Coincidences? A Philosophical Guide Between Science and Common Sense with P. Salis, 2023).

Allesandra is a student in Psychology and a teacher at the High School level of History and Philosophy. She works on didactic methodologies, along with scientific dissemination (see Scienza in Piazza 2019: Le Cause delle Cose, 2020).

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Photo by Isi Parente on Unsplash

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