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Earth Coincidence Control Office, ECCO, with Dr. Coincidence

Updated: Feb 23

Could “random” coincidences be part of a bigger plan?

What if the drink you just spilled, the train you just missed, or the lottery ticket you just found was not just a random occurrence? What if it’s all part of a bigger plan? What if there’s no such thing as a chance encounter? What if there are people we don’t know determining our destiny? And what if they are even planning the fate of the world?

Who are the Coincidence Makers? Are you one? Bernard Beitman, MD — aka Dr. Coincidence — reads from the book The Coincidence Makers by Yoav blum.

Join me for this fascinating thought experiment now on the Connecting with Coincidence podcast:

Bernard Beitman, MD is the first psychiatrist since Carl Jung to organize the field of meaningful coincidences. He is the author or editor of seven psychiatry books, recipient of two national psychiatry awards for his psychotherapy training program, and former chair of psychiatry at the University of Missouri-Columbia. He is the Founding Director and President of The Coincidence Project.

His first coincidence book, Connecting with Coincidence (2016) was followed by Meaningful Coincidences: How and Why Synchronicity and Serendipity Happen (2022). His coincidence memoir, The Adventures of Dr. Coincidence: A Psychiatrist’s Life of Synchronicity and Serendipity, is in press. His alter ego is Dr. Coincidence.

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Photo by Randy Jacob on Unsplash

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