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Forget Spiritual Bypassing! Find Your Special Gifts

What you seek is also seeking you, with Radhule Weininger.

Radhule Weininger found the person she needed who also needed her. Through integrating Buddhist teaching with her thriving psychotherapy practice, Radhule is charting paths to helping people find their uniqueness and their part in the Collective Human Organism.

Forget spiritual bypassing! Find your special gifts and join with those coming together to create a functioning Collective Organism to minimize our tendencies to destroy each other and our life-giving environment.

Meet Radhule now on the Connecting with Coincidence podcast:

Radhule Weininger, PhD, is a clinical psychologist in private practice, founder of the non-profit Mindful Heart Programs. She is a teacher of mindfulness and compassion, as well as Buddhist psychology since 1981. She has a special interest in non-dual awake awareness practices.

Her published books include Heartwork: The Path of Self-Compassion and Heart Medicine: How to Stop Painful Patterns and Find Freedom and Peace–at Last. Her third book, HeartMind: A Guide to Embodied Awakening, is forthcoming.

Besides her interest in meditation, Radhule is a Jungian Therapist, trained in Embodied Imagination dreamwork. Radhule is faculty at Pacifica Graduate School and, together with her husband Michael Kearney, an author and physician, she has taught self-care and resilience to caregivers locally and internationally for over twenty years.

Learn more about her here:

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