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Riding the Waves of Coincidence to Transform Your Life, with Jordan Oakley

Learn to surf the waves of synchronicity to find new opportunities.

Bali, a magical island in Indonesia, hosts major surfing waves, which brought Jordan Oakley to its shores. Riding the waves of synchronicity, Jordan has created a coworking space that interlaces people working there through synchronicities. He seizes opportunities the way he seizes waves. Join us on this ride!

Before hopping on our synchronicity surfboards, here’s a coincidence story of my own, which I call “Bali, Bali, Bali”:

A dance partner of mine, with whom I’m doing a presentation next month on synchronicity, recently disappeared from our dance group. I didn’t know where she had gone, but later discovered she was in Bali. She shared some Facebook posts from Bali, so I got a sense for what it was like there. Next, I interviewed a woman on my podcast who had visited some of the same places that my dance partner had and was planning to return to Bali. So that was the second Bali surprise. Finally, after my dance partner returned to Charlottesville, I was invited to be on a podcast originating from Bali with Jordan Oakley, who joins us on this week’s podcast.

Bali seems to generate coincidences! This week’s podcast guest helps us understand why…

Jordan Oakley has followed the thread of coincidences throughout his life, which has led him to a dynamic array of experiences and adventures. Entrepreneur, traveler, and surfer, Jordan is the founder of Nebula Coworking Space, a space-themed coworking facility nestled in Canggu, Bali. Their motto is “Create Space to Play”, where they help Entrepreneurs achieve the five freedoms: freedom of time, freedom of money, freedom of location, freedom of relationships, and freedom of purpose.

Learn more about Jordan here: @itsonly_jordan, @nebulabali, @blueoceanbingin.

Meet Jordan on the Connecting with Coincidence podcast now:

And be sure to check out all our coincidence podcasts and synchronicity podcasts here…

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