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Sprinkling the Magic of Coincidence Dust, with Jenna LaMere

Meet the Synchronicity Fairy!

Jenna LaMere — also known as the Synchronicity Fairy — brings the spirit of synchronicity to huge numbers of TikTok followers. She will inspire you as well. She knows we are living in a time of huge change, but is it an “Apocalypse” or “Apoc-ascension”? Jenna’s brilliant uses of synchronicity can help us all to ascend.

On this week’s Connecting with Coincidence podcast, Jenna and I discuss a wide range of coincidence topics. You'll hear some amazing coincidence stories, including one involving romance and a Paul McCartney concert. Jenna describes ways to increase our awareness of synchronicity, how synchronicity and intention are related to manifesting our desires, and how ADHD, neurodivergence and pattern-seeking might relate better understand coincidences.

Meet Jenna now on the Connecting with Coincidence podcast:

Jenna LaMere is a multi-passionate creator who wears many hats: spiritual mentor, alignment coach, galactic light-code artist, soul-essence channel and charm-caster. She’s most widely known for her viral TikTok Synchronicity series where she plays a fun-loving, magical character called “The Synchronicity Fairy”.

She lives in Portland Oregon with her partner, Patrick, and their sweet kitty, Luna. Find her on TikTok (@SynchronicityFairy) or other platforms by searching her name, “Jenna LaMere”.

And be sure to check out all our coincidence podcasts and synchronicity podcasts here…

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